What is the Estill Method?

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The Estill model is a unique Vocal Training System which enables us to identify and control the individual structures of the voice in isolation.

Using simple everyday sounds common to everyone, these structures are identified, isolated and then used to develop conscious control of the voice. Whether you want to increase your range, learn how to Belt or shout safely, manage the transition between head and chest voice, increase power and improve breath control, the Estill Model provides practical solutions for all these vocal problems, and more besides.

Estill Voice Training incorporates six 'voice qualities' as mechanisms for demonstration of voice production control. The increased control allows the singer to manipulate the vocal mechanism specifically to produce these arbitrary voice qualities and variations on them. The six voice qualities are:

- Speech
- Falsetto
- Sob
- Twang (Oral and Nasal variations)
- Belting
- Opera

At City Academy we incorporate this model into our singing classes for all levels of experience and following a planned progression of technique and development.

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