What we love about dance…

Dance is a form of expression that brings people together, allows them to be creative in new ways, and is a fantastic way to escape the stresses and cares of everyday life. 

We hear the thoughts of some of our students and professional tutors, to find out what they love most about dance, how it makes them feel, and what motivates them to dance in their spare time or as a career.


John Stiles

Architect and Ballroom Dance Student

My love of dance probably stems from a love of music - I have a very broad taste in music and I enjoy it when I am able to partner a favourite style of dance with a favourite song.

When I dance I am completely released from the preoccupations and stresses of day to day life.

For me, dance is a complete escape. From talking to my fellow dancers in the Ballroom Dance Company, I get a sense it is very much the same for them. Dance allows me the freedom to express myself in ways I cannot whilst I am at work or at home.

It can be a big commitment, especially when rehearsing for a performance, but if you love something then you will always make time for it. I have been fortunate enough to make many friends through both City Academy and other classes - meeting these new and interesting people has really enriched my social life.

Louis Ducasselouis-ducasse

Professional Street Dancer and Teacher

Dance is an art form that has been used as self expression for thousands of years and hasn't changed to this day. It is the ultimate way to express and inspire people of any age and any background and i believe the most popular art form to create unity. I love teaching dance because i have the privilege to inspire and see growth in the people that come to the class, creating a genuine relationship sharing the passion of dance together.

Growth never comes from the comfort zone. Every time I dance or perform I feel like I am stepping into a new realm

Growth never comes from the comfort zone. Every time I dance or perform I feel like I am stepping into a new realm in which gives me an opportunity to grow and discover new things about my dance technique or even myself as a person. This may come as a surprise from a professional, but I enjoy growth, and performing is a wonderful catalyst in which this can happen.

hannah-boothbyHannah Boothby

Trainee Accountant and Ballet Student

I enjoy how varied dance can be and the freedom of expression it gives. I love ballet in particular because of its beauty and complexity.

Dancing makes me feel calm after a busy day, as well as energised. It clears my mind and gives me a natural energy boost. I love the fact that whatever has happened during my day or week I can leave it behind as soon as I put my ballet shoes on. Dancing over the years has also definitely increased my confidence.

I love the fact that whatever has happened during my day I can leave it behind as soon as I put my ballet shoes on.

Dancing in my free time helps me to feel good about myself and pushes me to keep progressing and improving. The social side of meeting and and learning with new people is part of the fun, alongside the obvious physical health benefits.

emikoEmiko Ishii

Professional Bollywood Dancer and Teacher

Dancing is a step to a healthy lifestyle. It has health benefits from increasing stamina, relieving stress, and body sculpting to name a few. But it's also great for mental and emotional health. I feel that dance brings people together and provides them with a sense of community with people that have the same interests and passion.

I feel very fortunate having the students that I do in Bollywood dance: they inspire me and are the reason why I continue to teach. I enjoy seeing people gain confidence in things that they thought they could never do, like perform for an audience. Dance allows people to exceed their own expectations and helps them to discover new things about themselves.

I dance because it makes me happy

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As a performer, going on stage in front of a live audience or camera gives you a sense of freedom and confidence. You can forget about anything that is happening in your daily life and it brings you happiness as you are only focusing on the now. Performing means you can be creative, daring and be anything that you want to be.

I dance because it makes me happy, and when I hear from people who feel inspired or encouraged to pursue their goals in life you get a great sense of achievement.

Emma-HeelEmma Heel

Charity worker and Contemporary, Street and Ballet Student

I love different things about each different type of dance.

With Ballet, I love how my movements fill the music, making me feel strong and graceful, and moving with pose and precision.

In Contemporary, I love the extra freedom of movement that you don’t get with ballet, the variety of styles and how movements flow into one another.

Dance makes me feel full of energy, connected with my body: strong, free and alive.

With Street, I enjoy how often it is fast-paced and high in energy.  I love the powerfulness and sharpness of movement.


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