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Online Life Drawing Classes

This course is for both confident drawers and those wishing to improve their skills. In this friendly, informative tutor-led course, your tutor will be instructing the life model through quick gesture poses to longer studies, while giving pointers, suggestions and demos throughout the session. We are lucky to have secured some of the top professional life models working remotely in their home studios. Working in pencil and charcoal, you will be looking at body proportions, tone and shading techniques, composition and making the most from your materials. Participants will be encouraged to share their work if they so wish for constructive critique at various points during the class. This online class is designed to help you improve your drawing skills and create some beautiful drawings in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.


  • Learn how to compose an image
  • Experiment with line and shading techniques using pencil and charcoal
  • Improve your visual memory
  • Enhance your understanding of shadows and direction of light
  • Learn and develop skills to depict proportions
  • Learn to look for natural lines and shapes within a pose
  • Explore new technique for representing skin and hair


  • a device with a camera and microphone
  • a mix of pencils (eg. B, 2B and 6B)
  • A3 drawing paper, canvas or similar