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Online Creativity for Business Course

Online Creativity for Business Course

Online Creativity for Business Course

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A professional skills course to foster your creative thinking skills in the workplace.


Innovate at work from the comfort of home.

Creativity in business is at the heart of workplace innovation. Our Online Creativity for Business course ill encourage flexible thinking, collaboration and storytelling techniques to compliment your business acumen.

You will learn transferable skills to maximise your creative potential, identify the in-demand ‘power skills’ and understand your value in business through roleplay and prompts provided by an experienced business coach.

Like all our online communcations skills lessons, you will also receive constructive feedback in a dynamic virtual setting.

In this course you will


With actor-training exercises to identify  in-demand skills in business.


To cultivate creativity through prompts, games and role play.


Your own ‘power-skills’, from flexible thinking to adaptable planning.


Your own creativity and understand its value for your business.
You will need
  • A device with Camera and Microphone
  • 2 metres squared to move in
  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Small Group Sizes

A note on participation: Enhancing these skills requires practical and active participation. As this is an interactive, group class all students will be required to have their videos turned on.

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