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Online Experimentation in Drawing Course

Online Experimentation in Drawing Course

Online Experimentation in Drawing Course

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Draw inspiration from contemporary artists and discover new approaches to self expression

The focus of this course is experimentation. Drawing encompasses endless possibilities in engaging with the world around us and ourselves. Drawing is a highly individual and personal activity and the perfect medium to find ways for a personal visual expression.


Discover new routes to creative expression with this drawing course like no other

Online Experimentation in Drawing Course draws inspiration from contemporary artists to help you find new starting points, explore innovative techniques and broaden your creative scope.

In this practical and highly creative course you’ll be working closely with your tutor who will guide you through a variety of drawing approaches, test out different starting points and reveal the possibilities that different media and drawing tools have to offer. You will discuss and pursue different subjects and themes and find ways to approach these with an inventive, engaging and liberating drawing practise. Alongside drawing experimentation, we will look at a number of artist examples to put our experimentation into context. We will draw inspiration and find new appreciation for modern art by studying a range of contemporary artists including Matisse, Lee Krasner, Pollock, Gutai, Bridget Riley, Tracey Emin, Frieda Kahlo, Max Ernst to name but a few.

This drawing course will help artists of all levels broaden your creative scope and express yourself in new ways. Whilst no experience is necessary, if you are completely new to drawing may wish to start with our Online Drawing Course.

Online Experimentation in Drawing is a live and practical course that has been structured to help you develop your skills and push your artistic boundaries, wherever you are in your creative journey. This drawing course encourages participants to be curious and confident, beginning to discover the enormous potential of drawing as an artform.

In this online drawing course you will
  • Discover the experimental side of drawing
  • Gain confidence to let go and find the unexpected
  • Experience joy and freedom in the artist process
  • Enjoy discovering a new understanding of contemporary drawing practice
  • Appreciate the potential of a variety of media
  • Begin to develop new ways to find personal expression
  • Find concentration, play, relaxation and focus all in the same process
You will need
  • A device with Camera and Microphone
  • As this course can get messy it is advisable to cover your table with a plastic sheet. If possible, find some free wall space to stick paper so you can draw standing up.
  • A selection of paper: scraps of wrapping paper, envelopes, cardboard etc
  • A2 and A1 cartridge drawing paper
  • 2B and 4B drawing pencils, 6B or 8B graphite sticks, Biro, Fineliner 0.5, Charcoal, Masking tape

A note on participation: Enhancing these skills requires practical and active participation. As this is an interactive, group class all students will be required to have their videos turned on.

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