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Online Flamenco Beginners Classes

Online Flamenco Beginners classes

Online Flamenco Beginners Classes

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An inspiring, passionate introduction to Flamenco suitable for everyone.


Master Flamenco from the comfort of home.

Fun, passionate and, above all, feisty! Flamenco dance allows you to truly bring out the passion and fire within. Originating from Andalusia (Southern Spain), this dance style draws on Moorish culture, Jewish tradition, and Spanish gypsy heritage to give you the dance of your life.

During our Online Flamenco Beginners Classes, you will pick up the essential foot/heel rhythms, posture, strength and body control required in Flamenco. Until our other dance styles, this Flamenco class will be live streamed from a London dance studio with your fellow students taking part not only online but also in person. In our online flamenco class, you will learn hand movements and flourishes that will help you get to grips with this unique and expressive style of dance.

You will achieve
  • Understand the fundamentals of Flamenco dance: including the basic steps, turns and rhythms
  • Learn about posture and position in dance: alongside rhythms and body control
  • Understand rhythms and body control: and learn light and shade footwork
  • Lose inhibitions and gain confidence: while developing greater balance, flexibility and strength
  • Work on expression and dynamics: and co-ordination of hands and feet
  • Work on performance and technicality: by practising a routine
  • Join a live-streamed class from a London studio with fellow dancers taking part online and in person

City Academy partnership with Escuela de Baile: As always, we are absolutely delighted to partner with the UK’s leading flamenco school.

Founded in 1992 by Nuria García, Escuela de Baile has been uniquely successful in popularising the art of flamenco in London.

Its work has been widely acknowledged in the Media for its unique achievements, inclusive feel and community spirit.

We have been working with Escuela de Baile for a few years and we always love working with Nuria and her team.

You will need
  • A device with a camera and microphone.
  • 2 metres squared to move in
  • Comfortable clothes so you can move freely.
  • Sturdy shoes with a small heel (no stilettos please).
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Small Group Sizes

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