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Online Presence and Impact Courses

Online Presence and Impact Courses

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A professional skills course to foster your online communication skills.


Enhance your presence and impact to communicate effectively across virtual platforms

From video conferencing to webinars, communicating remotely poses unique challenges, and can bring up anxiety around cultivating and sustaining healthy and creative working relationships.

Our Online Presence and Impact Courses will support you with key communication skills and techniques to develop confidence in your own personal style.

With the guidance of our communications expert you’ll explore and experience the key elements involved in effective communication with other people. Develop vocal techniques and body language awareness to establish a fuller presence, and apply ‘people styles at work’ conceptual learning to role play sessions. After this course you will be able to navigate your virtual interactions with increased ease, confidence and impact.

In this course you will


With vocal and body language techniques to manage nerves and communicate assertively and effectively.


New approaches to grow and sustain remote relationships and build personal connections with greater synergy.


Your online etiquette, including dealing with difficult meeting scenarios, leading hard conversations, and flexing your personality style to collaborate with others.


Vocally authentic and impactful messages. Engage or lead conversations that build rapport and leave a lasting impact.
You will need
  • A device with a camera and microphone
  • At least 2 metre squared to move in
  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothes so you can move easily
  • Small Group Sizes

A note on participation: Enhancing these skills requires practical and active participation. As this is an interactive, group class all students will be required to have their videos turned on.

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Learn to communicate with greater confidence and clarity.

– Practice relevant vocal components such as pitch, pace, volume, tone, rhythm and vocal modulation to improve vocal clarity and impact
– Exercises to manage body language and nerves for online as well as in-person delivery
– Develop better listening skills to help tailor your approach
– Discover ways to leave a lasting positive impression
– Communicate your ideas with greater intensity and effectiveness
– Learn to influence others, resolve conflicts, network effectively and build rapport in a professional and/or social context

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