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Online The American Greats Course

Online The American Greats Course

Online The American Greats Course

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An advanced course for actors with some experience looking to explore iconic American plays.



Master the American canon from home

Our Online The American Greats Course is a dynamic and detailed deep dive into great American Theatre.

Suitable for new graduates or actors with some experience, you will explore scenes from iconic American plays, from Arthur Miller to Tracy Letts.

Alongside scene study you’ll also develop your General American accent, enabling you to offer truth and pathos in performance.

Along the way you will discover traditional method acting techniques and combine with voice and accent exercises.

As with all our online acting courses, you’ll be supported by a professional actor in a dynamic virtual setting.

You will achieve


With voice and accent coaching to compliment approaches to text.


techniques to perfect your General American accent.


The canon of American plays, from Miller and Mamet to Shepherd and Letts.


Your approach to acting methodology and broadening your emotional range.
You will need
  • A device with Camera and Microphone
  • 2 metres squared to move in
  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Ideally printed scripts for this workshop
  • Small Group Sizes

A note on participation: Enhancing these skills requires practical and active participation. As this is an interactive, group class all students will be required to have their videos turned on.

Each class will provide opportunity to practise newfound acting skills under the friendly guidance of an experienced tutor, ensuring you feel comfortable and get the most out of your virtual lesson.

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