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Online Voice & Pilates Classes

Online Voice and Pilates Classes

Online Voice & Pilates Classes

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An interactive online course combining Pilates and vocal exercise to harness the power of your voice.


Find your power in your body and voice.

Our Online Voice and Pilates Classes will show you how to combine Pilates with vocal training to create a holistic approach to voice.

You will learn mobility exercises that release habitual tension and strengthen core muscles, to enhance your vocal power.

Expect to develop a deeper connection to your voice, a greater sense of balance, and renewed clarity in tonality and intention.

As with all our online fitness lessons, you’ll receive friendly and professional feedback in a dynamic virtual setting.

You will achieve


With techniques to integrate Pilates-movement with vocal exercises.


To release breath and approaches to pitch range and resonance.


Your breath support musculature by addressing tension and alignment.


In a lively virtual space using a holistic approach to voice and movement.
You will need
  • A device with Camera and Microphone
  • 2 metres squared to move in
  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Yoga mat and a bottle of water
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Small Group Sizes

A note on participation: Enhancing these skills requires practical and active participation. As this is an interactive, group class all students will be required to have their videos turned on.

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