Private Tuition: Book 1-2-1


Identify your goals and enjoy tailored lessons with instant feedback.


Find timeslots to suit your schedule.


1-2-1 Lessons with industry tutors you know and love (or will soon!)

Accelerate your learning and enjoy personal feedback with our online Private Lessons.

Contact us to choose your subject and industry tutor and book live sessions to suit your schedule and communicate directly with your tutor. Each lesson will be shaped to suit you with tailored exercises, feedback and expert advice.

To book, email with the subject ‘1-2-1 Private Lessons’

private lessons

Make Your Private Tuition Count

Make the most of your private lessons by having a goal in mind and letting your tutor know what you’d like to work on.

Bring a monologue, choose a dance routine, come with questions, identify a genre you’d like to explore or work on a professional pitch – whatever you want to learn, your tutor will be there to help.


How long are the lessons and how many should I book?

Each private lesson is 1 hour, if you are unsure on how many hours to book we’d encourage you to email to book a session and discuss your goals and ambitions with your tutor. They can advise on the best plan to suit your needs.

How do I book a Private Lesson?

Simply email with the subject line ‘1-2-1 private tuition’.

What subjects/tutors are there to choose from?

We’re offering Private Lessons in over 30 subjects with 40 tutors. If you can’t see a subject you’re looking for email Student Services on and we will do our best to help.

How do the sessions work? 

Once your booking request has been accepted you’ll receive a Zoom or Microsoft Teams link. There’s no need to download anything and you’ll simply need to click on the link to meet your tutor at your chosen time. All Private Lessons take place online. Please note that the price does not include the tutor’s time outside of the lesson – please book multiple slots if you have subject-related questions for your tutor or would like them to review your work.

Do I need to apply and how do I pay?

No application is needed and a debit or credit card payment is required before the lesson is confirmed.

Can I cancel or change the lesson time?

Tutor time is precious and timeslots are limited. Please note that cancellations within 48hrs will be charged in full and we require at least 24hrs to change a booking. Please email for cancellations.

As a complete beginner, is Private Lesson a good first step?

Learning 1-on-1 can be a great first step as it offers personal feedback. For many, private tuition is the perfect compliment to group sessions. If you are a complete beginner we encourage you to take one of our in studio courses as a first step.