These frequently asked questions are designed to provide a better understanding of the Intensive Foundation Acting Course, if you can't find an answer to one of your questions then please email:

Q:  There is singing on the course but I’m not a singer. Can I still join?
A:  This is an Acting Course and we are looking to develop your acting skills. We are not looking for singers – it is not necessary to be a confident singer to join the course. However, singing is an excellent discipline to train the voice, gain breathing technique, increase power and broaden range. The singing element is ‘group’ singing. It’s also fun!

Q:  What is the age range of students on the course?
A:  Minimum age is 18. There is no maximum. Age is not an issue on these courses, we welcome students of all ages. Life experience is a resource invaluable to an actor.

Q:  I’m not a Dancer. There is ‘Movement’ on the course. Can I still join?
A:  The Movement element on the course is not dance. We are looking to develop your acting skills. However confidence in body movement, understanding body language and gaining the discipline of choreography is a vital addition to acting skills.

Q:  English is not my first language. Can I still join?
A:  A high standard of spoken English and English comprehension is required. If you are unsure please email

Q:  I’m worried I may not be fit enough for Stage Combat or Movement. Will this be a problem?
A:  The training on these courses is to explore and develop your capabilities. All teaching is on an individual basis and tailored to each student’s abilities and requirements. The training fits to your abilities.

Q:  What equipment will I need for the course?
A:  Minimum requirements: Note pad and pen. Soft, flat trainer style shoes. Loose fitting comfortable clothes. Bottled water.

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