Membership Subscription Details 

Rehearsals for the Musical Theatre companies run every week with the exception of Bank Holidays, a three week summer break and Christmas break. 

There are two show periods during the year:

- Summer Musical – rehearsals are seven months long and start in January

- Christmas Pantomime – rehearsals are five months long and start in August

We offer two payment options for the Musical Theatre Companies:

 - Monthly Instalments: Join the Company for one show period, and pay monthly via direct debit. Your first payment will be taken seven days after your initial sign up, which will then subsequently be the date each month that your payments will be debited from your account. Membership cannot be cancelled before the end of a show period. You will be charged for the months you rehearse. For the Summer Musical you will be charged for a fixed seven month period, and for the Christmas Pantomime you will be charged for five months. 

Select 'Deposit' under 'Payment Type' to process this payment option online.

- One Show Membership – Upfront Payment: Save 5% on the monthly option and join for one show. This option is non-refundable.

Online & Phone Bookings

Online – To book your selected class/course online, just click Book Now next to your chosen class/course.
Phone – We would be happy to take your booking over the phone, just call us on 020 7042 8833.

Cancellations Policy

Please see Membership Subscription Details (above) for information on your ongoing subscription.