How to join the Company 

First step: to join the Company we first ask you to take an introductory class.

A introductory class is a one-off session of the Company, this will be existing Company members and gives you the opportunity to try the class, meet the tutor and see if the Company is right for you. To join the Company we do ask that you have some experience, and within the introductory class the tutor will check whether the level is right for you. 

After your introductory class, and if you and the tutor agree that you'd like to join, we will then contact you with instructions about how to book and confirm your membership.

What does the Membership involve?

Membership will cover you for all classes, rehearsals and all shows from your joining date. The Company rehearses throughout the year, with a two week holiday in the Summer and another break over Christmas. To make membership fees more manageable, these breaks are accounted for within your monthly instalments across the year. 

Membership subscription details

We offer two payment options for the Dance Company:

Monthly Membership - £80 per month:
1.  There is a minimum membership of three months.
2.  Your monthly subscription payment will be automatically debited from your credit/debit card on the same date as your original booking each month.
3.  If you wish to cancel your membership after three months, please send a written confirmation of your cancellation to, a minimum of 14 days before your next payment date.

Annual membership - £864 for 12 months: This option saves you 10% and is non refundable.