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Public Speaking

The term Public Speaking fills many people with dread but is becoming an increasingly indispensable skill for today’s world – both from a business and a personal perspective (think of those infamous wedding speeches). 

This module helps to take the fear out of public speaking by focusing on the art of body language, providing nerve-busting techniques, sharing tips for building rapport with the audience, and even providing strategies for handling question and answer sessions if needed. 

Public Speaking is the art of working to inspire and engage larger audiences with a particular topic.  If you feel that your group would benefit more from learning how to convince smaller audiences within a commercial perspective, you might want to consider our Presentation module instead.  The Public Speaking module also works well with the Presence and Impact module and/or Influencing module.  Please contact us to discuss the needs of your group in more detail. 

Public Speaking Skills Development:

Exact course content may differ depending on your needs, but topics covered will generally include:

  • Confidence Counts: Learn tips, techniques and tricks for impactful public speaking
  • Speaking without Words: Understand the power of body language and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Storytelling: Learn the art of creating an engaging narrative
  • Fear-Factor: Get a grip on managing nerves and stage fright, and learn how to feel good in front of a crowd... and to get them to feel good about you
  • Think on Your Feet: Learn to speak with confidence and personality.  Master the art of improvisation and build rapport with your audience
  • Topics to Try: Work on a real public speaking issue relevant to you or use our real-life examples

As with all our Business Training courses, handouts, writing materials and refreshments will be provided.  To discuss your specific needs further, please contact us