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It's been a pleasure and a breeze working with City Academy. Each Sunday they managed to programme 6 hours of solid entertainment and it all worked like clockwork.'

Mish Toszeghi, Summer Streets Event Organiser

Dance Workshops

business case studies: regent street associationCity Academy was commissioned by Regent Street Association to provide a programme of interactive performance workshops for the public as part of their Summer Streets festival. The event spanned four weeks and the full length of Regent Street in central London. The client required entertainment that would captivate a large cross-section of the public to increase dwell-time, convey key messages and encourage content-sharing across social media.

City Academy designed and delivered a comprehensive programme of entertainment and interactive dance workshops including Swing, Bollywood, Street Dance, Disco, Belly Dance and Jive. Over 100 City Academy performers entertained the crowd and more than 500 members of the public volunteered to take part in our dance workshops.

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