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Rufus Leonard is an independent agency that combines innovative design thinking with technology solutions to transform brands. For this business case study, the company decided to encourage team members out of their comfort zone with a fun, empowering and energetic experience that matched their creative verve.

The Brief

Just how many pop and locks can 30 designers do in three hours?

Rufus Leonard found out for itself.

The creative design company places being down to earth, inventive, and purposeful as its priorities when it comes to providing client solutions, and sought out similar principles in a team building experience with City Academy.

Mirroring the youthful make-up of their employees, we decided to go for something vibrant, expressive and downright liberating: a street dance off.

As an activity, dance is the perfect way to gain insight into team dynamics, and City Academy has taught it to over 50,000 adults since 2007. For Rufus Leonard’s dance off, we recruited two of our most senior street dance tutors and set them the task of designing an experience that would suit the company to a tee, and get everybody's inner diva going.


Team BuildingStreet Dance


Brand Design




The Drill Hall, Farringdon


Half Day


With the company split into two, each group was shown the ropes and taught separate routines by our professional dancers, before coming together for a final showcase. Everyone was encouraged to dress as street as possible, and they didn’t disappoint.

First off, the groups were put through their paces with mini-challenges. Once warmed up, they were each given carefully thought out steps to a popular dance track of their choosing - in this case ‘Crazy In Love’ and ‘Uptown Funk’ - in preparation for the dance off.

The dance routines incorporated choreographed moves pitched at Beginner Level. During the process, the teams became closer knit as their desire to succeed brought them together, and they motivated each other to accomplish their objective - to have fun and dance the best.

That element of competitiveness helped to tear down walls in communication and increase productivity, as the groups discussed dance techniques together and had a good laugh while doing so.

For the final showcase the groups came face-to-face in true street dance fashion, and in the presence of a panel of expert judges from the world of performing arts, gave a brilliant performance to an audience of cheering colleagues. Once the rubber soles of their trainers had cooled down, the prevailing feeling was of unity and positivity.


We had a brilliant time yesterday. I have had so many positive comments from participants and everyone, many saying it is the best event we've ever done and that is thanks to you and your team.

– Peter Barker, Partner, Rufus Leonard


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