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Daniel Jarvis

Daniel Jarvis

Subjects taught by Daniel:
Singing Foundation

Daniel is a London based Musical Director. He studied at the renowned Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and has worked on a multitude of shows across London, including the UK revival of Hello Again at the Hope Theatre and The Union Theatre’s Loserville.

Alongside his Musical Direction, Daniel works as a vocal coach and enjoys teaching individuals and groups of all ages, from beginners to West End performers.

“I love being involved in finding the mechanisms through which to unlock a student’s potential. That breakthrough moment is always so special for the student, and just being able to facilitate that achievement means a lot. And I think that’s what I love most about teaching. We may not save lives in this business, but I think we can certainly have a role in changing them.”

Dan’s classes focus on technique, but in a fun and accessible way. He aims to create a relaxed environment in class, and to offer his students plenty of individual direction and feedback.

“I have really learned to change the way I use my voice, in speech as well as song. Daniel is clearly a very talented vocal coach and very personable.”
A.H, How to Belt