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James Ross – Comedian

James Ross - Comedian

Subjects taught by James:
Stand Up Comedy courses

James Ross is an award-winning improv comedian. He started doing improv at university, before refining his craft on the London comedy circuit – moving into stand up, MC-ing, and now running his own regular comedy night at The Rag Factory in Shoreditch.

James is a great advocate of living your values through your comedy, and prides himself on delivering non offensive comedy that is anti-racist/sexist/homophobic. This has proved to be a recipe for success, as his comedy night Quantum Leopard sells out every month. His show James Ross – Leopardoptera was awarded 5* at the Edinburgh Fringe and he is now touring it around the country.

James is an encouraging comedy coach who aims to help people find their voice. He passionately believes that if you have something to say, are patient, work hard and can really listen to what an audience is telling you, then you can do stand-up.