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Mike Evans

Mike Evans

Mike started acting when he was 8 years old. After a childhood based in rural Herefordshire with little entertainment on hand he created his own stories along with his cousin.

After graduating Birmingham School of Acting in 2007 He has worked at a number of London and Regional theatres including The Criterion where he played Hannay in The 39 Steps. He worked across stage, screen and radio before becoming a trainer and coach. 

Mike is an empathetic, compassionate communicator. He has a wide variety of work experience that shows his ability to make strong connections with people, build trust quickly and lead others with clarity, persistence and positivity.

Mike is very experienced in solving problems across industries. He is often commended for motivating others using innovative solutions.

Whether he is training, facilitating or coaching his sessions are always welcoming. He quickly nurtures a trusting environment that allows for fun and sincerity, whilst being both calming and energising.

“I encourage people to build on their existing skills whilst adding. some new tools to their tool box. As an actor I had the opportunity to rehearse; to be in a safe space where I could make mistakes without consequence. In most industries, as adults, you don’t have that luxury. In my sessions, you do. My sessions are always welcoming. I offer a trusting environment that allows you to make mistakes and learn from them whilst adding more tools to your toolbox.”

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Presence and Impact 21 Jun Wed 10:00-17:00 1 day Mike Evans Photoion Studio, Waterloo £350.00