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Yasmina Baileche and Adrian Del Arroyo

Yasmina Baileche and Adrian Del Arroyo
Yasmina Baileche
Trained in Buenos Aires, Yasmina is an experienced dancer and teacher of Argentine tango originally from Paris. In 2010, living in Buenos Aires, she developed her personal style studying with well-known professional teachers. She studied the traditional tango as well as a more contemporary style.

Yasmina who has been dancing for over 15 years, teaches and performs in several dance studios, milongas and festivals in Buenos Aires, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Algeria, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Yasmina enriches her dancing and teaching with her training in Latin dances and other body awareness activities such as pilates and gyrokenesis. Her teaching focuses on the quality of movements and the embrace, experimentation, body technique and musicality. 

Adrian Del Arroyo

Adrian trained at the National Conservatory of Ballet in Spain, in the hands of Mercedes Reguera. He has a Performing Arts Dance degree from Birkbeck University, in partnership with The Place and Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures.

Adrian frequently performs on the London Contemporary Dance scene, currently working with the renowned choreographer Raymond Chai.

With over 15 years of experience teaching Ballet, Latin, Ballroom and Tango, Adrian has regularly given classes in congresses and taken part in numerous competitions around Europe.

For 5 years, Adrian performed as both an actor and dancer in a theatre company where he was trained through the Michael Chejov technique.

He has also worked in the fitness industry, focusing on developing connections between sports and dance, and is trained in Pilates, yoga and as a personal trainer.

Adrian’s classes are always fun and enjoyable and his knowledge of the human body, dance techniques and fitness, help students develop self-awareness and body alignment, with the aim of using dance as a key to free the body and the mind.