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Voice Training

The Voice Training module encourages participants to explore the physicality of the voice. Working through a variety of techniques that enable the voice to be used to full effect, we’ll explore power, projection, range and release, leaving participants with a newfound confidence in the voice that is vital for any kind of public speaking.

If you want your group to focus on vocal training in more depth, take a look at our ‘Public Speaking’ or ‘Presentation’ modules.  Or perhaps you’re keen for your team to understand the breadth of communication, in which case you could combine this module with the ‘Medium and Message’ module and/or ‘Building Your Network’ Module. 

Please contact us to discuss the needs of your group in more detail. 

Voice Training Skills Development:

Exact course content may differ depending on your needs, but topics covered will generally include:

  • Vocal Anatomy: Know your tool kit and how the larynx and vocal tract work in order to produce good tone and alter pitch
  • Release: Learn how to relax the muscles around the larynx and jaw in order to free yourself from unwanted tension that may be inhibiting your sound
  • Power: Explore resonance by projecting your sound; develop depth, command and authority
  • Range: Develop a more dynamic and expressive approach to everyday speech
  • Confidence: Explore confidence-boosting techniques and develop your own persuasive vocal style

As with all our Corporate Training courses, handouts, writing materials and refreshments will be provided. To discuss your specific needs further, please contact us