We are excited to launch our inaugural Writers in Residence programme. As part of our commitment to supporting early stage writers, City Academy are offering time and space to write with dedicated support from Head of Writing Jon Barton, within a growing community of fellow writers. The aim of these residencies is to offer the support that writers actually need over a longer period of development.

A total of four residencies will be awarded annually. Two places will be awarded to writers able to demonstrate a commitment to developing one piece of work over a period of six months, starting in January. A further two writers will be selected in June.

“I am very excited to launch this opportunity for writers looking to reflect on their work and receive feedback on a one-to-one basis. Our aim is to build confidence and enable artists to complete something longer: perhaps a manuscript for a novel or a screenplay. What is true is this is an opportunity for City Academy to open its doors to exceptional writers that can benefit from further support”

Jon Barton, Head of Writing

writers in residence

The Writers in Residence programme includes:


- Access to a hot desk at our Head Office in Clerkenwell.
- Regular feedback sessions with a dedicated mentor.
- One free place on a Developers course (Creative Writing, Scriptwriting or Novel Writing).
- A six month Writing Club pass for the duration of the residency.
- A chance to showcase the writers work to a wider audience at the end of the residency.
- One free place on a writing course to the runner-up.
- Optional Feedback on any work published or produced throughout the residency.

How to Apply


*The deadline for January 2019 submissions has now passed*
Applications are now closed for the first two of these residencies. Please get in touch with Jon Barton (jon@city-academy.com) to hear about opportunities for the next cohort.

Please also note that this opportunity is only open to Writing Department alumni. Graduates of Developers course options or Novel Writing remain eligible and could apply with the same project if they wish.

To enter, please send a word document including your answers to the following questions:

What is the idea you hope to work on during the residency? [max 500 words]
What kind of support are you looking for? [max 500 words]
What do you hope to achieve if selected for the residency? [max 500 words]
How will this residency enable you to write a longer piece of work? [max 500 words]

Please email your answers to jon@city-academy.com.

Please note that this is developmental attachment – City Academy want to develop long term relationships with writers and this is just one of the ways they intend to do that. The attachment is about you, rather than what you write while you are here.

What Happens Next


A shortlist of three writers will be invited to interview and a final selection announced at the end of October. Residencies will be announced in the first week of November with a consultation shortly after. Residencies will officially begin in January each year.

Graduates of Developers course options or Novel Writing are still eligible for further support and may apply with the same project if they wish.

*The deadline for January 2019 submissions has now passed.*