Carole Edrich

Carole Edrich

Subjects taught by Carole include:
Digital Photography for Beginners
Documentary Photography
London Street Photography

Carole Edrich is an experienced prize-winning photographer, photojournalist and commercial photographer. She specialises in low-light, performance and movement, and as a documentary photographer focuses on dance, cultures and travel.

Her work can be found all over the world in adverts, exhibition stands and programmes; in print, online and broadcast media, in languages as diverse as Hungarian and Cocani. Carole’s photography has also been featured in a film short by Mike Figgis. She has had seven photo books published and created a permanent fine art installation in her home suburb.

Whether it's traditional flamenco, music, theatre, ballet, ultra-modern dance, extreme and endurance sports or cutting edge performances, Carole uses photography to capture the perspectives, behaviours and motivations of everyone involved. She brings to her courses the tips and tricks she has developed over her many years as a working photographer. Her classes are fun and practical, but she also likes to focus on the technical side of photography and encourage her students to critically examine their own work.

"A great teacher! Very meritorious classes and unbelievably knowledgeable teacher - explaining technics in a logical, easily understandable way. Absolutely, loved the class!"
Ania Konczak, Digital Photography for Beginners