Our classes

Improvisation Classes

Improvisation helps you think on your feet and develop techniques that are beneficial both on stage and in day-to-day life. You will learn many transferable skills by becoming a clearer communicator, better at listening and being more aware of your body language. We offer a clear progression route, helping you build your skills: 

Introduction - a playful one day course that will fire up your imagination and increase your confidence
Level 1 - helps you to become a better communicator and get you to use your instincts with greater affect
Improvers - consolidates your skills from Level 1 and Introduction, encouraging you to take your skills further
Level 2 with showcase - this higher level course explores multi-scene work and scene structure, ending with a showcase opportunity. (It is required that take our level 1 class before you join this course, or equivalent elsewhere)

 All our improvisation classes offer a fun and supportive environment where you will build confidence in your instincts, idea development and spontaneity.