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Method Acting

The Method trains actors to use their imagination, senses and emotions to create credible, authentic performances that are grounded in the ‘truth of the moment.’ Many successful actors from both stage and screen subscribe to this technique such as Julia Roberts, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper to name a few.

A brief history: Konstantin Stanislavsky a Russian actor, director, teacher and co-founder of the Moscow Arts Theatre developed what he called a ‘system’ for actors to use in rehearsals. This ‘system’ was to develop an understanding of the motivations, obstacles, and objectives of any character in every moment.

The Method was a development of Stanislavski’s 'system' principally by Lee Strasberg who founded the Actors Studio in New York.

What is Method Acting?

Method Acting is a technique where actor project their own life experiences onto their characters. Find out why it is so popular especially in Hollywood.