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Our Theatre Companies give you the chance to put your acting skills into practice, create exciting characters, work with contemporary scripts, and showcase your work to audiences. Participate in theatre productions and performances that develop your skills and confidence, while fitting around your working life.

We offer Theatre Companies at 3 different levels

Debut Theatre Company: perfect if you are new to acting and want to learn new skills through rehearsal and performance

Assemble and Foreword Theatre Companies: for anyone with some acting experience

Actors Company: the only company requiring an audition to join, try out for our premier theatre performance group.  

Being my first theatre experience I was a bit nervous and shy, but the whole course made me gain a lot of confidence. I was lucky enough to be next to amazing actors and director. The director had been extremely helpful in the whole process, incredibly talented, and creative. It felt like my experienced mirrored that of a professional theatre company, and probably more fun than one! It was a pleasure to be part of the company and I'll definitely audition again. Thank you!

Catalin, Actors Company


We've had the pleasure of supporting amazing actors in a huge range of performances over the years, from The Tempest, Animal Farm, Grimm Tales, Sweeney Todd and more.

Flick through some amazing photography from our past shows to inspire you.


City Academy shows and events occur throughout the year, and our show season is a fantastic opportunity for our students to perform to a live audience. 

Our shows are held in some of the best performance venues in London, and are a great way to experience the performing arts.

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