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City Academy Health & Safety Policy

Feeling unwell?

If you are feeling unwell we do not recommend you to come to class. As much as you are looking forward to your class, when you are well you will not learn as effectively! Our Student Services team would be happy to discuss your options if you are not well enough to attend your course. Please email info@city-academy.com in advance of your class with as much notice as possible.

By participating in a course with City Academy, you acknowledge that you are subject to the following health and safety measures, and that you are responsible for your own conduct whilst participating in the class. These terms are in place to protect the safety of the students, tutors and venue staff who are present at City Academy courses. If you do not comply with these rules, City Academy reserves the right to remove you from the class.

You may be expected to take part in some physical activities - particularly in the courses that involve movement.

  • Follow your tutor’s guidance on how to safely take part in these activities.
  • Go at your own pace. Talk to our tutors if you feel unsure about any aspect of what you need to do
  • Do not take part in physical activity whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • If you have a medical condition or are pregnant please consult a doctor before taking part in physical activity
  • Take care not to harm any other people in the class
  • Notify your tutor of any injury or if you are pregnant, and comply with any specific instructions your instructor may give you
  • Any equipment used in your classes must only be used for their intended purpose
  • If at any time you feel you need to take a break inside or outside of class you are welcome to do so.

In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by City Academy, you assume responsibility for any personal injury suffered by you when attending a City Academy class.

As part of the course content, your tutor may record your image for initial and ongoing assessment purposes. You are entitled to decline to participate in the recording of your image.

At City Academy we operate with a zero tolerance to drugs, alcohol and abusive behaviour towards our tutors, venue staff or your fellow students. We reserve the right to remove you from the class if you are in breach of these terms of conduct. Tutors have the right to turn away any student that represents a threat to their and/or their students’ safety. This includes inappropriate conduct of a verbal or non-verbal nature.

City Academy is committed to providing experiences in which our tutors and students can work and learn without any level of harassment or victimisation on the grounds of appearance, age, disability, gender, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. Personal harassment takes many forms, ranging from subtle verbal comments to threatening behaviour and physical abuse. We take extremely seriously, and consider entirely unacceptable, any abusive behaviour or harassment.

No violence, abusive or aggressive behaviour of any kind will be tolerated towards tutors, venue representatives or any other member of staff. Offenders may be reported to the police or relevant authorities and any offences committed under these terms may be subject to prosecution. If we feel that our tutors, venue representatives or staff are at threat at any point, the offender will be ejected. City Academy reserves the right to terminate any activity if your tutor feels that you are a danger to yourself or anyone else. If a person is asked to leave because of their behaviour, no refund will be due for any activity that is missed as a result.

City Academy course content is not directed to persons under eighteen (18) years of age, and by providing information about yourself to City Academy you are representing that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older.