You can expect this workout to:

  • Reconnect your mind and body with a focus on postural alignment and core stability
  • Be focused on calorie burning, muscle development and increased stamina
  • Make you feel more better, increase your flexibility and agility
  • training
    Training High impact, high energy cardio dance sessions
  • level
    Level Open to all, no matter their fitness level
  • training
    Equipment What to bring: a towel, layered clothing, a bottle of water, healthy high energy snacks.

Dance Burns More Calories than Running

How does dance compare to gym? Which dance style burns the most calories? Can a dance class make you happier?

These were some of the questions that inspired us to team up with scientists from the University of Brighton to shed light on the effects dance has on the body and mind.

Read the full report here.

Hear from our Students

"Very creative choreo and highly skilled and supportive tutors. I feel as though it was a very rare opportunity to learn from true professionals. The other people in the class were great too!" 

Emma, Dance Fitness Bootcamp

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Dance Fitness Bootcamp venues

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Dance Fitness Bootcamp tutors

All City Academy tutors are experienced professionals from theatre, film/TV and performance industries. So whilst they're training you they may also be rehearsing for a West End show or working on a movie. We like that and we do believe it makes a difference in class.

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