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Street and Commercial Dance Classes

Welcome to the City Academy Street and Commercial dance department. Here you'll find dance courses and workshops that incorporate styles like Hip Hop, Breakdance, House, Voguing, AfroBeats, R&B and Dancehall.

In City Academy Street and Commercial classes, you will learn the core practices and techniques of these styles and put them into practice with choreography and freestyle sessions. Learn moves to impress on the dance floor, blow off steam and get your body moving in a safe and welcoming environment. All to a soundtrack of contemporary and classic tracks specially curated by our professional dance tutors.

Street Dance Classes

We offer Street Dance classes at 3 different levels:

Street Dance Beginners – a great introduction to core street dance techniques and fun high-energy choreography
Street Dance Improvers – freestyle with confidence and explore more challenging techniques, isolations and routines
Street Dance Summer School & Intensives – gain a solid foundation across a range of commercial styles from urban street to commercial dance
Dance Companies – our Commercial Street Dance Company and Diva Company rehearse weekly and perform in theatre showcases.


Learn inspiring routines and choreography in a range of different dance styles.