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City Academy Loyalty Rewards Scheme

CA Rewards - save money off your courses with our loyalty program!

CA Loyalty Rewards Scheme is our loyalty program that rewards you for completing courses. The idea is simple - for each studio course that you complete you will receive a stamp, as you collect stamps you will receive discount vouchers to put towards future courses. Our Loyalty Rewards Scheme is our way of thanking you for choosing us. Courses completed after 1st January 2019 will count towards the scheme. 

How it works:

You will receive a different stamp for each type of subject you have completed.

- Collect 2 stamps to receive a £20 voucher

- Collect 5 stamps to receive a £50 voucher

- Collect 8 stamps to receive a £50 voucher

- Collect 11 stamps to receive a £100 voucher

This sequence of reward then repeats so you can keep on collecting stamps and receiving vouchers, there's no limit. Login to your account section to see how many loyalty stamps you have received.

Note: you need to opt-in to receive City Academy emails to receive your vouchers. Click here to login to your account to opt-in.   

Do I get a stamp for every course I book?

- You get a stamp for every course you complete - excluding ongoing groups, online courses, taster classes, auditions and workshops

- You have to complete the course - if you cancel the course before it finishes you will not receive a stamp

- The stamp will get added the day after you've completed a course, and you'll receive your Loyalty Voucher straight away via email


Achievements are trophies you can collect when you've completed courses - these range from joining one of our ongoing groups to taking your first art class. There are lots of trophies to collect. They do not count towards your loyalty stamps.


To receive your discount voucher you will need to opt-in to receive marketing communications from City Academy. To do this - please go into your account on the website , notification settings and check the tick-box to receive City Academy emails.

Once you've received your discount voucher - the discount voucher will be valid for one month.