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Peter Spring

Peter Spring

As Director of Learning & Development at City Academy, Peter works in conjunction with creatives from industry to develop the curriculum.

Following up on his first-class Honours Degree in Drama at Rhodes University in South Africa, Peter directed and acted in theatre productions across the country. Specialising in contemporary performance, Physical Theatre and Theatre of the Absurd his acting work includes The Bald Prima Donna, Raiders, Amadeus, For Mars and The Office inspired cringe comedy Karaoke with Colin. Directing work includes Arnold Wesker’s What Ever Happened to Betty Lemon? and Eugene Ionesco’s Amédée.

In his role at City Academy, Peter works with Acting tutors to design new programmes and performance opportunities for stage and screen. In his teaching, Peter favours a high-energy, hands-on approach with tailored exercises.

Corporate clients include Disney, Google, KPMG, Thomsons Online Benefits, Rocksteady, University of Kent and The View from the Shard.

“I am an avid believer in the transformative power of the arts for everyone. By connecting us, art helps us imagine the impossible.”