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Winstan Whitter

Winstan Whitter

Subject taught by Winstan:
Filmmaking for Beginners
Documentary Filmmaking
Editing with Adobe Premiere

Winstan Whitter is a freelance director, producer, cameraman and editor with over 20 years experience. He has trained at a number of institutions including the Barbican Centre, A New Direction and Eastside Educational Trust, moving on to teach at The English National Opera, The British Film Institute, Creative Partnerships, just to name a few.

Alongside his teaching, Winstan has worked on an impressive number of productions as Director of Photography, including ‘Memory Almost Full’ album promo for Paul McCartney, ‘’Cobra Beer’ TV commercials for ITV1 and ITV2, and ‘DJ’s On Tour’ music documentary series for BBC 1.

As a film tutor, while Winstan’s classes are thorough he ensures that they are still fun and relaxed, and his favourite thing about teaching is sharing knowledge and experiences with his students and watching them have their “lightbulb” moments.