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Stacey Pepworth

Stacey Pepworth
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Stacey has studied at a number of institutions, completing her BA Honours in Musical Theatre from University of Central Lancashire and most recently gaining her Associate Freestyle teaching qualification from the International Dance teachers association.

Having worked as a freelance teacher, choreographer and creative director across the North West,  Stacey focuses on technique, performance and expression, choreographing for full-scale performances, public performances and professional workshops.

Stacey has been involved in a number of performances, most recently in the ‘In My Bones (Film documentary)’ as a Dance Artist and Choreographer (April 2018).  She wants her classes to be fun, friendly and engaging. She believes that anyone can achieve what they set out do if they put in the energy and focus. Her classes look at the technique as the important basis for dance, using creative choreography that allows people to understand the style, ensuring that each class is tailored to the individual needs of the class.

“The atmosphere will always be open and supportive in my classes and I want everyone to go away feeling like they have developed and learned something, but most importantly had the best time!”