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Stefana Brancastle

Stefana Brancastle

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Stefana Brancastle is a professional filmmaker with over a decade of experience in the film industry. Her work has received much acclaim internationally. Her first film, ‘Wilt Thou Forgive’, was made in collaboration with The National Gallery and the Dennis Sever’s House Museum. Appreciated for its ‘boldness’ and ‘arresting visual beauty’, the short received a standing ovation upon its official critic screening at the National Gallery, London in 2008. Another film of hers, ‘The Mechanism of Suspended Time’, has won several international awards in the best film, best director, best script, best soundtrack and best cinematography categories.

As an experienced film tutor, she has put together filmmaking masterclasses for film festivals like the Cours Florent in Paris and has experience as a private acting tutor for stage and camera. She brings transparent practical and cultural knowledge together with a hands-on structural approach to help students develop their filmmaking skills.

Stefana is at present developing two feature films –  an 18th century fiction and a period drama biopic, while driving in parallel creative collaborations of diverse disciplines and forms of expression.