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Steven Franck

Steven Franck

Steven has been taking photographs ever since he received his first camera as a gift aged 14, an Olympus OM 10 with a standard 50mm lens. 

He immediately fell in love with photography and the possibilities of exploring the world in ways he had never really managed to achieve through drawing and painting alone. Because he’d always been interested in visual art forms, the camera offered him the opportunity to develop his own aesthetic in a way that seemed to resonate quite strongly. 

He came to view photography as the point where art and engineering merge, through design and technology, to offer a means of creative expression. 

He later studied for a degree in Social Anthropology and his interest in people has always informed his work. In 2007 he decided to turn his passion into his career and he studied photography at the London College of Communication where he filled many of the gaps in his knowledge and learned to improve my skills. 

He now works professionally as a photographer, working both with creative agencies and directly with end-user clients, including major UK news providers, the not-for-profit sector, corporate and commercial clients. He lives in London with his wife and children although he goes wherever the work takes me. He is a member of the BPPA and EPUK.