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The ability to present to others is an invaluable skill for any business professional. 

This module focuses on teaching participants to communicate their message so that others listen, understand and respond accordingly.  We’ll explore tips for effective preparation, how to use graphics and PowerPoint for maximum impact, how to relate to the audience, and how to overcome nerves - enabling participants to realise their true potential.

Presentation is often about working to convince smaller audiences of a specific idea within a business context. For larger audiences, take a look at our Public Speaking module.  The Presentation module works well as a follow-on from the Voice Training module. 

Please contact us to discuss the needs of your group in more detail.

Presentation Skills Development

Exact course content may differ depending on your needs, but topics covered will generally include:

  • Preparation Pointers: Learn techniques, tips and tricks and how to create presentations to be remembered
  • Creative Juices: Learn how to create a memorable presentation - from design tips to stand-up suggestions
  • What Works Where and for Whom: Understand how to tailor your message to your audience
  • It's all in the Performance: Improve expressiveness and leave your audience wanting more
  • Fear-Factor: Understand how to manage nerves, stage fright, how to feel good in front of a crowd - and to get them to feel good about you
  • Body Language: Learn how to build a rapport with your audience and use space to maximum effect.
  • Question-Time: Develop strategies for handling question and answer sessions

As with all our Business Training courses, handouts, writing materials and refreshments will be provided.  To discuss your specific needs further, please contact us