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Camilla Buckthorpe

Camilla  Buckthorpe

Camilla is a yoga teacher, performer and concept artist. She completed her yoga teacher training at East London School of Yoga with Stewart Gilchrist and went on to study restorative yoga with Nahid de Belgeonne. Originally from Australia, she is a graduate of The National Theatre Drama School in Melbourne.

Camilla has a passion for sharing the healing and transformative powers of movement; both physically and mentally. She aims to demystify yoga and empower students with a practical method which can be applied to creative disciplines.

Her classes will help to relieve stress, undo tensions and create space for creative self-expression. Working with her you will exercise presence, groundedness and working from centre; training the body to react to the living moment. She encourages students to have fun and approach their practice with child-like curiosity, compassion and playfulness!

She teaches Vinyasa Krama which means step-by-step progression. It is a physical practice that flows with the breath and takes a sequential approach. Her classes are a moving meditation which synchronise rhythmic breath and intuitive movement. She maintains a focused uninterrupted flow which utilises the body and breath to access the mind.

Camilla takes a practical somatic approach, empowering students with fundamental tools and a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection.

The aim is to work with yourself rather than against yourself, creating the conditions which bring about your best instincts and impulses.

Camilla teaches students from all walks of life, ranging from corporate wellness to bespoke classes for actors.

She is a member of Yoga Alliance UK, a Corporate Wellness professional and co-founder of London Vinyasa Krama, a London based yoga collective.

Her teaching is inclusive, informative and delivered with a kind sense of humour.

Her light-hearted, supportive approach will leave you reinvigorated and uplifted.