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Claire Butler

Claire Butler

Claire is an Alexander Technique Teacher with an interest in mindful movement.


Previously an Events Manager, Claire became passionate about the Alexander Technique after it cured her debilitating back, neck and shoulder pain and she discovered how the technique could be further applied to enhance every aspect of her life. She experienced improved mental health, an effortless sensation when swimming or dancing, and a clearer voice, to name a few benefits.


She quickly decided to become a teacher, training first for three years at City Alexander Technique School and then completing a further two years of postgraduate training at the Constructive Teaching Centre (The continuation of the original Alexander Technique Teacher Training School). Claire also has an active interest in mindfulness and mindful movement and how they can contribute to improved functional mobility and general happiness. In addition to the Alexander Technique, she is also qualified to teach Yoga and Mindfulness and maintains a regular Qigong practice.


Claire enjoys supporting others in discovering how the Alexander Technique can enrich their lives, whether through pain alleviation, stress reduction, enhancing vocal performance and artistic endeavours or simply optimising everyday activities for reduced strain throughout the day.

“Claire’s teaching style is encouraging and exploratory, helping participants to discover new aspects of themselves.”