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Eva Prenga

Eva Prenga

Eva is a singer and performer who trained at the The Music and Theatre Academy, where she studied an operatic singing and choir conduction. She worked in Musical Theatre and Operetta with credits including, Ball in Savoya and FlitterMouse, as well as performing in children musicals such as Snow Queen and Mushroom Opera. Eva has performed all over Lithuania, including performing for the country’s president and Parliament.

As a pianists, she performed in festivals and competitions.

Eva has the Master’s degree in Performing Arts and Pedagogy, and trained with industry professionals such as Italian singing school grand, the professor Laura Sarti at Guildhall Drama and Music School.

She has been teaching for more than 15 years in Europe and UK. As a highly experienced Voice Over Actress, Eva often teaches adults on how to take an advantage of singing skills, suitable for training one’s voice and using it in every day life, while completing tasks at the daily job.

“Beauty of the voice or size of a talent- never defines you as an artist! Professionalism and ability to speak the heart out from the stage- true artist’s purpose! No matter where will you be using your voice- in the local church choir, on the Royal opera stage or in the shower, if it moves the soul of at least one in a thousand- it is worthy. Everybody can sing!”