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Sunny Kleo

Sunny Kleo

Dr Sunny Kleo is an Oxford-trained psychologist with a wealth of experience, focusing on the development of young people and building confidence through skills and communications training. She is a trainer and consultant expert who is regularly requested to appear on the BBC, covering a wide range of topics, from ethnicity and identity to peoples’ aspirations and motivations.

Dr Kleo began her career delivering workshops at London Business School and rapidly expanded to include Oxford and Cambridge Business Schools also. She additionally consults for tech start-ups like GameBench and private clients, training in specific skills, such as persuasive writing, body language, emotional intelligence and influence management.

Dr Kleo’s other delivery work encompasses training for local charities such as SMART, The Windsor Fellowship, and The Shoreditch Trust, as well as delivering abroad for social entrepreneurship organisations like The Transformative Action Institute, for whom she served as International Director.