When signing up as a member of a City Academy choir, you will be asked whether you wish to opt into receiving marketing communication. To ensure you receive regular communication emails from us regarding your membership and participating activities please ensure you opt in. Communications can come in the form of email, the choir Facebook page, or by phone (text/WhatsApp) which you are free to opt out of at any time. However, if you choose to opt out please be aware that City Academy cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred by not receiving choir related communications.


Please ensure all formal membership emails are sent directly to the team on and/or the choir md. Please ensure you do not email via other platforms in relation to your attendance and membership.


City Academy choirs are open to anyone over the age of 18. In order to join as a member you must attend a taster and receive an invitation to join following the taster session. Your City Academy membership includes:

- Ongoing weekly rehearsals, with an Easter and Christmas break
- Rehearsals leading up to choir concerts and showcases
- Access to choir dropbox with voice parts, lyrics and recordings
- Opportunities to join smaller audition-based ensembles within City Academy
- Opportunities to take part in events that your choir is involved in


We have 3 payment options - monthly / biannual / annual which members can sign up to. Minimum membership terms are 3 months when joining as a monthly member and members cannot cancel with less than a month before a show. Weekly rehearsals will run in a suitable alternative London location and where necessary, locations may change due to venue closures and availability. 

If rehearsals are cancelled/changed due to Acts of God (weather etc.) the programming team will do its best to provide alternative rehearsal time.

Please be aware that City Academy holds full public liability insurance.


If you are unable to attend your rehearsal, you must ensure you let your MD know directly via their CA email address. Please do not use facebook or whatsapp to inform MD’s of non attendance.

Members are responsible for ensuring they attend regular rehearsals especially in the lead up to choir shows. Members are expected to ensure they know the repertoire and come fully prepared to rehearsals. Failure to attend leading up to rehearsals may result in the MD asking you to pause your membership until after the showcase.


By joining a City Academy choir, you agree to pay your membership fee on the date shown in the joining process. Delayed membership fee payments may lead to a cancellation of your membership.  Membership will cover you for all classes, rehearsals and shows during your membership.


As part of your City Academy choir membership, you are given access to MD arrangements, harmonies, concepts and resources. As a member you agree that our resources, arrangements and ideas will not be used, changed, copied or replicated outside of a City Academy rehearsal/event or with any other group or venue without permission from the MD.


City Academy strives to promote and ensure inclusivity across all of our resident groups, classes and courses. We do not discriminate on the basis of ability, age, ethnic background, gender, religion or sexual orientation and pride ourselves in offering equal opportunities for all.

We try to ensure that our rehearsals and shows  are held in venues that have disabled access and facilities on site.  If you have access requirements, please ensure you update us directly. We will work closely with our members to ensure you have the best experience.

If you wish to discuss anything or speak to a member of the team about your experience, please feel free to contact us directly on We’re always at the end of a phone or email to ensure your experience is safe, supported and fun!


Our choirs are a place to come together and share in a creative setting. As a City Academy choir member, all members are asked to behave in a respectful manner towards others at all times. To ensure a smooth running rehearsal and performance process, members are expected to respect the decisions of MD’s and staff members. Members are asked to restrict mobile phone usage in rehearsals to recordings only when instructed by MD’s. It is our utmost priority to provide you with a safe rehearsal and so we ask you to be aware of others and your own welfare at venues. City Academy cannot accept responsibility for the security of your belongings however and ask that highly valuable items are not brought to rehearsals and shows.  

The following behaviour will not be tolerated:
- Bullying, in any form
- Any form of abusive behaviour whether it be sexual harassment or threatening behaviour towards a member of City Academy, our staff or audience

If you witness or experience any bullying, harassment or discriminatory behaviour at any of our events, please inform your choir MD or get in contact with our student team


At City Academy we strive to capture the experience of our members and audiences at our vibrant events, through using professional photography and videography. This content is captured and rolled out across our social media channels and website. Should you not consent to featuring in this content, please get in contact with the marketing team on


To cancel your membership, written confirmation must be sent to to inform us of your intent to cancel. Under exceptional circumstances, you can pause your membership to be agreed with the City Academy management team.  Please note, that memberships cannot be cancelled less than one month before a show.  City Academy reserves the right to amend the Membership Terms of Service at any time.


If you wish to speak to someone about your membership please email us at