What will be taught on this singing course?

The course will cover a range of carefully selected material to ensure it is challenging, varied, and above all, enjoyable.

Course content will include:

  • Exploring the fundamentals of Flamenco singing
  • Learning different Flamenco palos, or styles, and know their history and geography
  • Practising compas or rhythm and palmas (clapping)
  • Understanding the song structure of the different palos
  • Understanding how the letras, or lyrics, are structured when accompanied by guitar and dance

You will also receive friendly feedback throughout the course, to help you understand and track your progress.  

  • training
    Music Various palos within Flamenco
  • training
    Type Group
  • training
    Equipment What to bring: pen, notebook, water


This course is suitable for complete beginners and those who possess a passion and curiosity to learn more about their voice.

Students will learn about vocal technique, breathing, posture and application of this technique across a broad repertoire.

The ability to hear notes and sing them back as well as good spoken and written english is required. We highly recommend that you bring a recording device to help track your learning.


All courses are taught within groups.  Each week will begin with a thorough vocal warm up before going on to discover key vocal techniques and approaches to develop your confidence and singing skills.

Your voice will grow in strength and flexibility and you’ll gain a sense of control and confidence when singing. Best of all, you’ll have a lot of fun, and meet like-minded new people.

By the end of the course, what will I have achieved?

Students will have:

  • Developed confidence in their vocal ability, improving vocal expression, dynamics and musicianship.
  • Completed one full 'palo' (style) within a 4 week period (4 sessions)
  • Learnt the structure of each particular song style
  • Gained a better understanding of the rhythm  (compas) of each style and how it fits in with the clapping and the guitar.

After I complete this course, what are the next steps in my training?

Level 2 courses focus on solidifying technique, widening repertoire knowledge and developing tone, range and vocal style.

Solo elements are also incorporated within level 2 where students are encouraged to sing solo within the ensemble songs.


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Flamenco Singing tutors

All City Academy tutors are experienced professionals from theatre, film/TV and performance industries. So whilst they're training you they may also be rehearsing for a West End show or working on a movie. We like that and we do believe it makes a difference in class.

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