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Fabia Claris

Fabia Claris

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Art and Drawing courses

Fabia Claris has studied multiple disciplines at London’s most prestigious Art Schools including Central School of Art and Design, Wimbledon School of Art, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Royal Drawing School and Kensington.

With a career as a freelance drawing tutor spanning over twenty years, Fabia has taught students of all ages and abilities. She has facilitated workshops in a range of circumstances and contexts, from evening classes in community centres to diploma courses in art schools.

Having taught life and portrait drawing for over five years in all-inclusive art classes, Fabia has experience teaching the essential and creative skills needed to articulate and conquer anatomy, as well as still life.

Using a range of interesting approaches and unusual set-ups, Fabia delivers encouraging, fun and stimulating classes giving students the confidence they need to fire up their enthusiasm.