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Vicky Saumarez

Vicky Saumarez

Vicky Saumarez is a painter, she lives and works in West London. Since 2014, Vicky has been an art tutor teaching academic drawing and painting skills.

She trained at the Florentine realist drawing and painting academy of Studio Cecil Graves, the only atelier in Europe at the time where traditional realism was taught. She spent two years there, learning ancient drawing skills and being introduced to the visual language and techniques of painters from earlier centuries.

Returning to London, Vicky branched out to experiment in different areas of the arts such as digital media, sculpture and pottery, while continuing to paint and draw, her preferred subjects throughout being portraiture and the human form. Vicky also appeared in Sky’s Portrait Artist of the Year in 2020.

Vicky’s teaching is relaxed and friendly. She encourages participants to share their work within the group, giving constructive feedback and encouragement on their creative journey.

“It gives me such joy when one of my students sees their own artistic progression. When you know you can improve, you have the confidence to move on and really enjoy creative learning.”