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David K Barnes

David K Barnes

David is a writer, dramaturg and script consultant, best known for his stage plays and audio dramas. He is the creator and head writer of the critically acclaimed audio sitcom Wooden Overcoats. Other audio credits include Doctor Who (Big Finish Productions), Outliers (Historic Royal Palaces & Rusty Quill) and The Discovery Adventures (Land Rover & Cecilia. FM). Stage credits include the internationally performed Timothy and Birthday Suit.

As well as teaching, David is also a script consultant for Audible Ltd. His classes use practical exercises, discussions and engagement with an element of a student’s work in depth with the whole class, so that they can learn to help each other and apply these skills to their own work.

“I like helping students who previously had little confidence in their work to realise they now have the tools to accomplish their writing goals. That moment when a student unlocks the door to a creative problem is just as joyous a moment for the tutor as it is for the student!”