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Jose Sanchez Peinado

Jose Sanchez Peinado

Jose is a Spanish artist who began his career in the world of painting shortly before his 18th birthday, when he decided to go to university and study Fine Arts. There he had magnificent teachers who taught him many secrets of the trade. He also took private lessons with very good artists, and participated in different painting workshops. After four years of hard work and sacrifice, he decided to continue learning and training by participating in fast painting competitions, in which he travelled through different locations in Spain to paint landscapes for between four and six hours.

At the end of that summer, in 2018 he decided to move to London permanently. Here he has had many opportunities, especially when it comes to teaching, as learning to paint in Madrid is very different. He started teaching drawing, watercolour and oil painting at Hampstead School of Art at the end of 2019.

During the pandemic in 2020, he was working on one of his biggest projects to date called Lockdown Portraits, in which he painted around 30 watercolours of video calls of people from all over the world.

Today he is focused on his watercolours and his classes, trying to add value and teaching his students that anyone can learn to paint. All it takes is dedication and motivation.

“I love dealing with people and I really enjoy teaching through demonstrations. I think that’s the best way to learn. In my student years I really enjoyed it when teachers drew in class. Now I try to bring that every day in my sessions”.