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Punam Osan

Punam Osan

Punam is a Belly Dance specialist who inspires students to grow into their own natural flair for performance with the true traditional forms of belly dance.

Trained in a variety of dance throughout her life led Punam to becoming professional in the art of Belly dance..

Classes focus on finessing belly dance moves with the right posture, learning to use moves to develop personal style and work on conditioning abs and thighs. Students will learn to perfect traditional belly dancing techniques, move in their own way to the music, and improve muscle strength and flexibility.

Over the course, students will soon learn to follow what is comfortable with their own body and be creative using the foundations of belly dance.

“I believe in encouraging students to build on their own potential using the many health benefits belly dance has for the body. I like to keep the unique character of my early days in dancing and incorporate this within my teaching.”