Tom Wohlfahrt

Tom Wohlfahrt
Subjects taught by Tom: 
Ballroom Dance classes
Contemporary Dance classes

Tom Wohlfahrt found his passion for Latin and Ballroom Dance at a very early age and has been involved in dance since he was five. Having trained with world champions, Tom moved to the UK in 2014 to study for a degree in Contemporary Dance.

In his career to date, Tom has been awarded numerous dance accolades having competed around the world. The range of his professional experience involves commercial work in films and music videos; collaborations with world class companies and choreographers like Riccardo Buscarini and Thomas Michael Voss. He is also currently creating his own choreographic work, to be shown on stages across the UK.

With classes that are fun, diverse and inspiring, ballroom dance teacher Tom enjoys spreading his love of dance to students of all abilities. He has been teaching Latin, Ballroom, Ballet, Burlesque and Hip Hop since the age of seventeen.