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William Coles

William Coles

Will Coles is an educator with an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Leicester. He is an advocate for written expression for all people and is the founder of community interest company ‘Shout or Whisper,’ an organisation that uplifts writers of all abilities and helps them find their voice. 

Through his own organisation, Will has devised and delivered workshops for the NHS Funded ‘Luton and Bedford Recovery College.’ He believes in creating safe spaces for people to articulate themselves in whatever way they feel fits them. 

“The idea that there is hierarchy in creative expression I find to be problematic. All forms — poetry, novel-writing, plays, notes scrawled on your phone — have creative impetus and should be celebrated.”

Will believes that there should be no barrier for entry when it comes to written expression. Will works primarily at the independent school Westminster Tutors as an English teacher and has previously worked as a workshop lead that aids people to express themselves through poetry. He believes in the cathartic qualities of writing and feels that this should be accessible to all people. He is an experienced and engaging workshop facilitator, who has helped people from all backgrounds find their voice.