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Winston Veerender and Silvia Bivolaru

Winston Veerender and Silvia Bivolaru

Subjects taught by Winston and Silvia: 
Tango courses

Winston Veerender has trained with some of the legends of Tango and has thousands of hours of experience in dancing in Milongas around the world, including Buenos Aires. He has taught at the top Tango schools in London and is a familiar face in the London Tango scene. Winston is also a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher who has trained with the likes of Jason Crandel, Bridget Woods Kramer, Noah Maze and brings his knowledge of yoga alignment principles, body awareness, and mindful movement to Tango, dancing in general and other performing arts.

Silvia Bivolaru began her Tango journey in Romania where she trained at the Atelierul de Tango School in Romania. She spent years training in Europe with some of Argentina’s top Tango tutors. She has now formed her own style of teaching which focusses on the energy of the body as well as the energy of the couple.Silvia is highly experienced in teaching choreography, group tango as well as private tango classes. Most recently, she has been a guest teacher at Goa International Tango Weekender where she has the opportunity to work alongside Carlo Semaan. The pair recently performed at The Lasi Festivalito Verano V Tango festival together.

As highly experienced tango instructors, Winston and Silvia’s classes are full of energy and fun, focusing on using good technique to achieve the soft embrace needed to enjoy Tango at its best. Their style of teaching focuses on the foundational aspects of Tango – the music, the embrace and the connection between partners – and then builds on them by providing lots of tips to look and feel great on the dance floor.